My reviews are organized by genre and the author’s last name.




 Title  Author  Pub. Date  Rating
Imposter Syndrome (The Arcadia Project 3) Mishell Baker March 2018 9.0/10
The Last Sun K.D. Edwards June 2018 10/10
The Poppy War R.F. Kuang May 2018 8.5/10
Grey Sister Mark Lawrence April 2018 7.0/10
Jade City Fonda Lee Nov 2017 9.0/10
Torn Rowenna Miller March 2018 6.0/10
From Unseen Fire Cass Morris April 2018 5.0/10
Fire Dance Ilana C. Myer April 2018 9.5/10
Master Assassins Robert V.S. Redick Feb 2018 8.5/10
Smoke City Keith Rosson Jan 2018
Sufficiently Advanced Magic Andrew Rowe April 2017 7.0/10
The Infernal Battalion Django Wexler Jan 2018 8.0/10

Young Adult:

Title Author Pub. Date Rating
Summer of Salt  Katrina Leno  June 2018  6.0/10
The Raven Boys Maggie Stiefvater  8.0/10
 The Dream Thieves  Maggie Stiefvater  8.5/10


Title Author Pub. Date Rating
The Only Harmless Great Thing Brooke Bolander March 2018 8.5/10
How to Stop Time Matt Haig May 2018 7.5/10
Obscura Joe Hart May 2018 6.0/10
The Rig Roger Levy May 2018 6.5/10
A Big Ship At the Edge of the Universe Alex White June 2018 8.0/10


Stuart Turton



Young Adult:

Title  Author  Pub. Date  Rating
Fire Song  Adam Garnet Jones


Christopher Moore