Review Scoring and Policy

I accept review requests for speculative fiction–Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller, Mystery–and all its subgenres, as well as Contemporary, Romance, and Historical Fiction, for both YA and Adult. These can be of any length, from a short story to a novel, and all format is acceptable (ebooks, physical copies, and audiobooks).

All requests and inquiries can be directed to: pagesbelowvaultedsky(@)

Thank you!

Books are scored out of 10 and converted to the nearest stars when I post over to Goodreads/Amazon/B&N/Chapters.

10Champions of the genre. These books represent the best of what a genre has to offer. Stories that elevate the field to a whole new level, nailing every single element–character, language, plot, setting–with flourish and absolute mastery. These are books that have irrevocably changed how I look at myself, the world, and my own creative process.

9Fantastic. Similar to 10-raters but not quite as emotionally-resonant. Books that I would eagerly return to time and again. Their flaws are minor and near-invisible in the grand scheme of things.

8Great. Books that I very much enjoyed and whose authors I’d happily add to my “would always read” list. They’re not without a few flaws but the good vastly overshadows the not-so-good.

7Good. A satisfying read. Not books that I would recommend buying physical copies of but would definitely recommend checking them out of the library.

6Fine. A book that I enjoyed, in parts, but didn’t really do anything special for me overall.

5Mediocre. Books that I have no strong feelings about, one way or the other. Doesn’t have anything truly good that makes me take notice, and nothing truly bad for to me to disparage it.

4Not So Great. Books that have enough of positives to keep me going, but also enough of negatives to make me wonder if I should continue.

3Bad. Books that have a few moments where I’m intrigued and invested, but are, for the most part, not very good.

2Terrible. Bad on every level. Such books most likely feature a slew of inconsistent, one-dimensional characters, nonsensical plots, and prose that’s as dull-eyed as the fish on your dinner plate.

1Offensive, abhorrent, zero chance for redemption--doesn’t deserve the time and resource required to burn it to the deepest of hell. An insult to the whole of humanity; the worst that a genre has to offer. A book that’s terrible not just in its writing, but in the themes it presents. I have yet to encounter such a gem and I hope I never have to.