Discworld Readathon Month 8 – Guards! Guards!

Okay, sure, I still haven’t put up a review for Wyrd Sisters. And sure, I’m still only halfway through Pyramids. But I’m actually putting up an announcement post at the start of the month for once, and you know what? I’m pretty dang proud of that. Baby steps, folks. Bb:D

And this month we’re tackling Guards! Guards! which I’m super excited about because we get to meet the Night Watch for the first time and I’ve heard incredible things about them. Especially Sam Vimes who is probably the one character I knew most about coming into this series because a blog I follow on Tumblr is really into Discworld but they only ever post fanfic/fanart shipping Vimes and Havelock Vetinari.


For you newcomers, this is a monthly Discworld Readathon that Nicole @ Bookworm Drinketh and I are hosting! We read through one Discworld book per month and post up a review at the last Monday of that month (give or take…a month).

Give a holler down in the comments to join us in our disorganized glory!

Reviews for Guards! Guards! will be posting on February 25th!

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