Discworld Readathon Month 4 – Mort

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Things are super hectic and I’m just a tad sleep-deprived, but I’m still here to give your monthly reminder that hey, we’re doing a Discworld Readathon! The idea is that we read through one Discworld book per month–so a four-year endeavor, give or take–and post up a review on the last Monday.

This month we’ll be tackling Mort! Pretty much every Pratchett reader seems to talk about it with the kind of reverence usually reserved for Easter church services and that moment when you take your souffle out of the oven, so my expectations are super high. Stratospherically high. Like, this better blow my socks off into said stratosphere.

I’m joking. Mostly. But I’m still very excited and the book seems like the perfect October read. If you’re interested in joining (or dropping out) this month, just leave a comment below!


Oh, and speaking of high expectations, it’s come to my attention that Nicole (Bookworm Drinketh) is on the hunt for the perfect alcohol to pair with her Equal Rites (Discworld 3) review, which is the BEST reason for a delayed review ever. I’m expecting some kind of godly concoction, Nicole. πŸ˜‰

Reviews for Mort are to be posted on October 29th! Happy Reading!


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