Discworld Readathon: Month 2 | Another Mini Update

Hey, guys! First of all, just a quick update on why I haven’t been posting lately: the past several weeks have been rather grim for me mental-health wise and I’ve pretty much dropped every ball I’ve been holding. So I’m both behind on writing reviews and have a backlog of reviews to post (which is a new and weird situation to be in).

But I find myself really missing doing blog stuff, so I’ll be slowly getting back into things in the next week. Be ready to get replies to month-old comments that you don’t remember the context of!


Pratchett Banner 1

Second of all, August is the second month of the Discworld Readathon that Nicole (from The Bookworm Drinketh) and I are hosting. We’re tackling the second book in the Discworld series, THE LIGHT FANTASTIC, and reviews are to be posted on the 27TH.

If you’d like to join (or drop out), just tell me in the comments and we’ll add you to our list! Nicole and I will put up a post listing all the participants in the middle of August.

17 thoughts on “Discworld Readathon: Month 2 | Another Mini Update

  1. andywinder says:

    Glad to hear you’re back and sorry that you’re hurting–hope that you find peace and comfort as well as treatment for your mental health. You go dude!! Reading all of the Discworld series is a fun task, but not an easy one since there’s so many. How do you join it? I haven’t them since high school and would love to read along.

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    • Kathy @Pages Below the Vaulted Sky says:

      Thank you, Andy! And it’s great to hear from you again. And we’re just having people reply to the monthly announcement posts (like this one) if they want to join. It’s not the most sophisticated system and we should maybe figure out a better way.

      Should I scribble you down for August?


  2. Madam Mim says:

    Happy to see you back! And I think it’s totally ok for some things / everything to drop off when your mental health needs to be taken care of. In fact, let’s not even call it “drop”, let’s call it “deprioritised” or “put down lovingly to be given attention in due course” ❤️

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  3. Gerry@TheBookNookUK says:

    Let the balls um drop… so to speak 😉

    They’re only resting on the floor until you’re ready to pick them back up again. Let some roll away if you have to.

    I hope you feel better, take your time and come back when you’re ready. No pressure!

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      • Gerry@TheBookNookUK says:

        I like a good ramble, sometimes it’s good to off-load. I’m the queen of the over-sharer so sometimes it helps 😛 I think it’s a case of do something until you don’t want to anymore and then just stop without guilt. Picking it up back when you’re ready is better than trying to push on and overload yourself! I speak from ridiculous levels of experience!

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