Quotes of the Month: February 2018

I’ve only read like four and a half books this month, so things are a little short on the memorable-quotes side. But worry not, because author Matt Haig has kindly provided us with enough quotable material to compensate for more than 10 books in How to Stop Time.

First, one so powerful that I swear my heart froze for a few seconds:Matt-Haig-quote

Second, on love’s ability to bend time:


Haig has a way of taking things that would normally sound like empty platitudes and turning them into genuinely heartfelt and inspirational messages. And I think we could use a bit of reminder that we are, all of us, just groping our way with no small amount of fear and confusion shouldered on our backs.

But if we’re stumbling through life, we’re doing it hand-in-hand. And that’s something, yeah?

Here’s to another month, my friends.

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